Reviews by Morgsush
Anyone who enjoys dystopian YA books such as the Hunger Games, Divergent, and Matched should read this action packed book.
Fans of Percy Jackson
For anyone who enjoyed Rick Riordan's series about Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Filled with trivia, short stories, and puzzles that will make any fan happy.
This is a great book detailing one graphic artist's journey since being diagnosed as being bipolar. Ellen Forney illustrates with very raw and emotional pictures as well as quirky doodles. This book even also has many facts about bipolar disorder, which helped me.understand it better and clear up the stereotypes about it.
All in all, a terrific book with even greater illustrations.
Who knew you could write such a wonderful graphic novel about bipolar disorder?
Great Cookbook
Great for fans of Harry Potter and cooking alike.
Perfect for a Harry Potter themed party.
Recommended for Comic Lovers
This is definitely a great book for comic lovers. If you enjoyed going to the Kids Read Comics event, you will surely enjoy this. Filled with jokes, terrific drawings, and a wonderful plot, Friends with Boys will keep you captivated until the very last page. I just love the believable characters and brilliant artwork.