Reviews by ProQuestTag2012
The plot may not sound original: two teens who have cancer meet, become close, face trials. But once you begin to follow Hazel and Augustus through their typical teenage lives, made increasingly complicated by ever-present struggles with cancer, you won’t be able to stop until you’ve heard all they have to say.

Although this is marketed as a book for teens, The Fault in our Stars is highly recommended for adults as well, as long as you’re prepared for a perspective change. The writing is in all ways smart, clever, and riveting, with an ever-present hint of absolute heartbreak.
Like a Visit with a Dear Friend
When the real world becomes too loud and too harsh, my favorite refuge is the world of Precious Ramotswe, tenderhearted owner of Botswana’s Ladies No. 1 Detective Agency. In Mma Ramotswe’s world at the edge of the scorching Kalahari Desert, there is always time to help a friend, solve a mystery, and enjoy a cup of bush tea with her trusted assistant, Grace Makutsi.

In "The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party," Mma Ramostwe must solve a number of mysteries. Who is killing her client’s cattle? Where is Charlie, her husband’s apprentice mechanic? What really happened to her beloved white van? And for fans of the series, there is a joyful, long-awaited wedding!

Tension, good humor, wisdom, and kindness fill the pages of this book. I recommend the entire series. Each is like a welcome visit from a dear friend.
The Difference Between Death and Murder
Don’t you hate it when your buddy steals a freshly buried body to expand his anatomy knowledge and hone his forensic examination skills, and then discovers that the person didn’t die of natural causes as publicly stated? So begins the sixth tale in the Sebastian St. Cyr series, set in 1812 London.

As aristocrat St. Cyr wrestles with solving a murder that he can’t acknowledge—as well as physically wrestles the post-autopsy corpse back into its grave before authorities discover it’s missing and arrest his friend!—another murder victim surfaces, international political intrigue is uncovered, and Sebastian’s wedding to a woman he’s not sure he likes, let alone loves, draws near. That she’s the strong-willed daughter of his powerful enemy, advisor to the prince regent, adds further complexity to the viscount’s life.

This book delivers tension-filled plots, engaging characters, and a historic backdrop so vividly presented that you almost feel as if you’re touring Regency England! What I like most about the St. Cyr series is that you feel satisfied at the end of every book, but each leaves mysteries to be solved in the next installment. I’m ready for number seven!