Reviews by Enzy
Beautiful Illustrations
Again and again what draws me to picture books are the colorful and creative illustrations. I always try to kid myself that I appreciate a well told story geared towards young readers. But no, in reality, I just like good pictures. "If You Hold a Seed" is no exception. I pulled it off the shelf because the colors on the spine were particularly captivating and I was not disappointed.

As much as I love good illustrations, I was pleased that it was not just a mediocre story with wonderful pictures. The story itself is beautiful and I felt as though the vivid colors and soft of the illustrations worked well with the text. It reminded me of Il Sung Na's books. So if you are a fan of "A Book of Sleep" and "Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit," you should read "If You Hold a Seed."
Pretty disappointing
This made me sad because I generally love all of the actors in this film, but I gave the movie 10 minutes and then turned it off to do something better with my time. I enjoyed the first Grown Ups movie, but either my humor has changed or this was just a stinker of a film. I'm thinking the latter was the case. The humor was too juvenile and overplayed for my taste.
Fun, light read
I had pretty low expectations when I picked up this book since there are quite a few terrible Austen-based novels out there, but I was pleasantly surprised. Was it at times cheesy and cliche? Yes. This might have bothered me more if the book was longer. But at it's current length of 196 pages, it was perfect. I knocked it out over a weekend when I could just curl up with a hot mug of tea and indulge in frivolities.

The movie based on the book is also delightful and just what I expected it to be. There were aspects of certain characters that the movie changed which I did not enjoy as much as the book, but overall the book and movie share the same spirit. I would recommend this novel to anyone who likes Jane Austen and can laugh at themselves.
I enjoyed it
I had no idea what to expect from this movie. I did not know what it was about or who acted in it and the extent of my knowledge was that it was nominated for an Academy Award. I was pleasantly surprised with this one. I thought the plot was not only different but it kept me riveted the whole time. I am not the biggest fan of Ben Aflec but I thought he did an amazing job not only acting in this movie but also directing it. His character was intelligent and competent and yet vulnerable. The plot line that focused on his relationship with his young son was particularly endearing and made me really root for his character. It also put more weight on one of the larger decisions his character made because it did not only affect him, but also those he loved most. I was captivated by this film from the beginning and it succeeded in holding my attention the entire time.
As was true with "Barton Hallow," I fell in love with this album almost immediately. The Civil Wars wonderfully tie together their southern rock, pop, folk sound with skilled storytelling and hauntingly beautiful melodies. So far the three stand out tracks for me are "The one that got away," "Eavesdrop," and "Devil's backbone."