Reviews by Enzy
Escape from Reality
Need good laugh? Then I highly recommend this show. It is quirky and in my experience people either love it or hate it, but a majority of people I know love it. Everyone strongly relates to a different character so you'll find yourself asking other Bob's Burger fans, "Which character are YOU?!"Do you have the courage and the flamboyancy of Linda? The hormonal challenges of deadpan Tina? Just along for the ride and enjoy making jingles like Gene? What about the thirst for excitement and instigating nature of Louise? Maybe like Bob, you're just trying to keep your business afloat and your nemesis at bay. Whatever character you most relate to, you are sure to enjoy them all and how they all seamlessly work together to form the Belcher family.
Influential, Classic Movie
My husband was astounded when I told him I had never seen The Sandlot and quickly acted to correct this. After viewing it, I can now understand why he was so passionate about the film. It had an intriguing premise of a young boy moving to a new neighborhood and forging new friendships while also figuring out the dynamic his relationship with a new stepfather. With the game of baseball as the backdrop, we get to see how these relationships develop. There is even a great twist (albeit corny and a little unrealistic) at the end. I can definitely understand why this movie was so endearing to my husband and so many others in our generation.
Sweet Picture Book
Hug Machine is a sweet, little picture book about a boy who is very aware of how good hugs make people feel and is very liberal with them. He is a hug machine! He hugs his family, the mailman, neighbors, even a tree. And when a spiky porcupine proclaims that he has never been hugged and will never be hugged, the hug machine gets creative. But what happens when the hug machine runs out of hugs? You'll have to read it to find out. This book would be fun to read as an excuse to hold your little ones tight, and get some hugs in return.
Catchy Country
I discovered The Wreckers years ago, shortly after their song "Leave the Pieces" was on the radio. I remember really enjoying the harmonies of this country duo and so I recently decided to check out this CD again. So far, I am enjoying this album just as much as I did back in 2006. With the catchy melodies and great instrumentals, I can't help but sing along.
Overlooked for too long
How in the world have I not discovered this show until now? I remember hearing about it from friends in passing, but I was never intrigued enough to check it out...until recently. My sister came to visit and brought the first season from her library at home. We ended up staying up late saying, "Just one more episode," as we munched on popcorn and become thoroughly engrossed in the lives of Lorelei and Rory. I am still watching season one, so I cannot speak for the others, but for the most part, Gilmore Girls is a very light and engaging show. It does deal with the struggles between family members and the typical dramas that surround a middle to upper middle class town in Connecticut.

By far my favorite character is played by the very talented Melissa McCarthy. McCarthy's comedic timing is in rare form as Sookie, a very well meaning but often klutzy chef at the hotel where Lorelei works. My favorite part about Sookie is the character really showcases McCarthy's skill as an actress/comedian as she is quite different from the frumpy roles that McCarthy has recently been cast in. Sookie is sweet, pretty, and a brilliant chef.

I think I'll go home tonight and watch an episode...OK, maybe two.