Reviews by jacob_26950
Great book overall
Personally I believe breaking dawn is a great book. There is love hate pain anguish and every other emotion in the spectrum. Right in the beginning it starts with passion between a husband and a wife. After the couples very “sensual” honeymoon, Bella finds out that she is pregnant with Edward’s (her husband) child. But there is one twist to this situation. Edward is not a normal person. He is a vampire. Which means the child is also a vampire. This book puts a different spin on vampires though. Vampires are no longer the dark evil characters they were before. Now vampires sparkle in the sun and some vampires hunt animals for their blood instead of humans. With the curse they are granted superhuman abilities they are smarter faster and stronger than any human. The leaders of all vampires the volturi find out that a human is pregnant with a vampire child and threatens that they will kill the child and Bella in the process. Edward and his family recruit many other vampires and even some werewolves to help them defend Bella. But while all this activity is going on Bella is being killed by the child inside her. As she is giving birth she is sure to die so Edward quickly injects his venom into her to start the changing process of her becoming a vampire. A couple weeks later she wakes up from the coma caused by the venom and she is ten fold of what she was before. In the end Bella ends up saving the day with the help of all of her friends and family. This book definetly has made a mark upon the world. It is obviously popular nationwide at least and has made millions. This book is mostly suggested for women. It is quite a love story but there is plenty action for any male readers. Id give this book an 8 out of 10.