Reviews by williamc
Don't go in expecting an Oscar and you'll love it
It's a really charming movie. Not mindblowingly good, but still really good. All the actors are top notch and I love the soundtrack :)

Also, I read somewhere that a lot of the dialogue were improvised O.o
Great soundtracks from great movies
Sinatra is hands down one of the best singers our country has ever seen.
Shame :'(
The Goblet of Fire was my favorite Harry Potter book, and my least favorite movie. The movie skips out on A LOT of the stuff that happened in the book (yes, I get that the movie can't be too long and that some parts aren't suited for "screen viewing" (too much narrative and stuff)). I was REALLY disappointed with the movie.

The acting was pretty poor... honestly, there were some scenes in which I didn't know whether Emma Watson was crying or laughing... and why wasn't Moody's eye blue? That was the characteristic that stood out to me the most (even more than his nose)... how hard could it have been to edit an electric blue eye?

Honestly, David Tennant was the only thing Mike Newell did right :)
My favorite Miyazaki movie
Excellent movie! The plot is developed really well, the acting is nice and the soundtrack (Hisaishi) is REALLY good :)