Reviews by bruegelpie
Page Turning
The outsiders is a thrilling book from the beginning to the end. With many suspencful situations and intense moments I would suggest this book should be read by older children (11-17). This book has a unique plot that has many twists and turns. Even though some scenes were violent this book was a fast, nice read.
Only pick up this book if you are in the mood for an intense novel full of heart braking stories. The story follows the lives of 4 women, each extraordinary in their own way, who come together on Masada, a mountain in the Judean desert during the time period of 70 C.E. in ancient Israel. Each woman has an amazing tale to tell, however at times it was a little confusing who was telling the story as there was very little dialogue, mostly narrative. This novel requires your commitment and attention as it is not a light read. However, having said that, it was an interesting book about a desperate time in history.
Heart tugging
This a heartwarming tale of a young boy who moves with his family right outside a concentration camp during WWII. Bruno, who is 9 years old, misses his friends back home in Berlin. One day as he is trying to escape his loneliness, he starts exploring the fenced in camp he sees from his bedroom window every day. As he walks along the fence he meet a young boy his same age with the same except birthday and they become fast friends.

Because the story is told through Bruno, his innocence is reflected as he tries to imagine why his friend and hundreds of other people are living inside the fence and why they all wear the same black and white striped pajamas. He eventually learns that they are Jewish and he is not, but he still never seems to understand the reason they are divided. The friendship they form is sweet and innocent, although his Jewish friend knows more than he lets on to Bruno but somehow doesn't seem to want to frighten or disappoint his new found friend.

This book will open questions as to what really happened during this time in our history, but is a great introduction to discussing the impact of World War II on citizens of every age, race and religion. A great story with a surprise ending!