Reviews by edwardvielmetti
FRS/GMRS radios
These radios are capable of transmitting both on FRS frequencies and GMRS frequencies, and the potential user should know that GMRS requires a license. Fortunately the default setting on the radios we got was for Ch. "50".

This page was helpful in answering the eternal question "what's the frequency".
Multiport power meter
This device combines the function of a single output line logger with a 10 port power strip. Note that it doesn't measure each individual port, just the whole load of the whole strip. Very useful device.
Easy to install and useful
This little unit has a plug that goes into your car's OBD2 port, and then a length of Cat 5 ("ethernet") cable that runs to a little display. Easy to set up, though you may need to review the manual to get things exactly right. Learning your car's fuel consumption performance and how to stretch more miles out of a gallon of gas is a good exercise.
It makes me want to read the blog
The book is a quick read with photos that are not big enough to do the ephemera justice. I'll check out the blog, at .
Playful food rhymes.
Rhyming text in English and German about food and how things taste. There's also a German-Turkish edition that the library doesn't have.