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2 DVD set with lots of extras
I've seen "Anatomy" a number of times, so I was attracted to this edition because of a whole DVD full of extras - including a "Making of" feature with lots of background scenes and stories.
The Monotron Delay is a cool little analog synth with a delay loop. I was able to get it to reliably generate sounds that reminded me of the rumble of frogs or crickets. You should be able to play around with it and get out all sorts of weird nifty effects that I'm not even sure how you'd start to try to generate on a big old computer.

a comfortable week
The author spends a week at London's Heathrow Airport, on a tab paid for by the company that owns the facility.

The first chapter sets out the conditions of the visit and explains that he was given comfortable accommodations, a meal allowance, and the run of the airport in exchange for his writing. As such it's a comfortable account of the place where nothing really goes wrong for him, and not the interminable journey that most people would experience if they were cooped up waiting in long lines for ever-delayed flights.
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The Berlin Wall has a featured role in this 1987 film about a fallen angel (Bruno Ganz), his mentor (the late Peter Falk), and the circus performer he falls in love with (Solveig Dommartin). Terrific music from Nick Cave adds to the pre-unificiation of Germany Cold War atmosphere.