Reviews by librarian0485
A Different Take On Zombies
Let me start by saying, this series is not meant for kids. It is definitely a series for a more mature audience.

That being said, this series is a new take on an old understanding of zombies. There is no virus that creates zombies, though it is called the Zombie Plague. Instead, the dead are raised by the Zombie Priest who practices black magic.

The "heroes" of the story are, according to the law, mobsters. They are also the only ones capable of keeping the zombie hordes restricted to the Zombie Priest's territory.

In this particular book, the main character, Goon, is introduced to a man who was cursed by the Zombie Priest and now lives as a man called "Buzzard" who must eat dead human flesh or go mad with hunger.
Better Than I Thought
I recently finished this book and it turned out to be a lot better than I had thought it would be. Looking at the book and reading the description, I thought for sure it would just be one really long Star Trek joke, but it ended up being a lot more, to the point that it kept me wanting to read what was next!