Reviews by Lmd3577
I know a lot of sweet valley fans have had mixed reactions to this book but if you look closely and retread any of the sweet valley books of the past you will see that Francine has written pop culture into her books. Yes the issues of the issues that all the characters in this book are not what we have grown up with but there are issues that are happening in our lives everyday as adults. I know this book is a little hard for some fans to read but if you truly read this book and you truly see what is happing in our country today you will see that in the first place Francine in her own way was writing history in her books. Now that some of the Sweet Vally High books have been published in e reader form you will see that. I feel that the book is hard to read at points but I now after rereading some Sweet Vally High books see that Francine is a historian of sorts and she has written how society has changed over the years.
Outstanding classic
When I first read the Outsiders I was to young to understand that it is a timeless piece of literature that spans not only decades but generations as relatable in every since of the word. Now that I am an adult if you read it you will seem themes that have spaned across the generations that are still happening now in junior high schools and high schools today. The biggest theme that is hit upon in the Outsiders that has not changed is the theme of cliques but back when S.E. Hinton wrote the book she referred to them as gangs and that is because back in the 60's there were only two groups of people but now in a new generation of young students there several but the term has not changed. I still to this day read this book because it is a great character study that shows that our counter has not changed but it has just grown and changed somewhat but not a lot.
This is one of the greatest movies I have seen in my lifetime. If features a great cast that at the time the movie was filmed was a group of upencomeing actors who now are some of the greatest actors of any generation. This movie is a classic that will be looked at for generations to come as spectular.
Great graphic novel
I loved both Lizzy Newton graphic novels because they have great mysteries that not only the reader can try to solve but the main character Lizzie does solve. Lizzie is very schrude when it comes to her crime solving abilities which is what makes these graphic novels a great read. So for all you mystery lovers these graphic novels are for you.
Great graphic read
I loved this graphic novel it was a quick read and fast pased. A must read if you are a spiderman fan.