Reviews by scong
A Fantastical Book
Epic is an interesting book, going from peaceful rural life to a fantastical medieval video game, where there are Medusa's, Dragons, Wyverns, Kobolds, and Vampyres. In this book, Erik Haraldsson is caught up between a political coup for power, and a video game come to life. This video game is partially the reason for the political coup, as it runs the whole world, and everyone plays, because to play is to earn money, thats right, currency in the game is real money, and fights are resolved online, in an arena. What happens in this book, is that a team of unlikely heroes defeat a dragon, one of the most deadly creatures in that world, and find out about a quest which ends the world.
A Fiery Read
This book is a great second installment in the series, and is definitely written with Landy's style. This book combines wit, and humor with action and magic. In this book, Skulduggery Pleasant is forced to fight an old enemy, whom he once captured, Baron Vengeous, one of Menvolent's infamous Three Generals. This villain is, as Skulduggery puts it, on the Evil Villain Scale, an eleven, with Serpine, the last books antagonist, being a 10. Even worse, the Baron has already located the third general, Lord Vile's Necromancy armor, which gives him all the power of Lord Vile, and also has the parts of a Faceless One (the evil gods of this series) in a hybrid creature, which he manages to revive. Skulduggery Pleasant, and Valkyrie Cain must defeat this new threat before the Grotequery ( the hybrid Faceless One) opens a portal to summon back the rest of the Faceless ones.
Akiko in 5th grade
In this book Akiko is finally in fifth grade. This time, Spuckler and Mr.Beeba drag her off to become a intergalactic police. She finds that unfortunately, she is not cut out for the job and wants to cry out blue (in other words say "I give up" in a more shameful way) so the rest of the team can go on, but she finds the courage to stay in the traning, and when disaster strikes, she finds the courage within herself to rescue her mentor.
This book is very like problems in real life, where you want to quit, but your brain just won't let you, and in the end it all pays off.
Finally, Where Poog Comes From!
In this story Akiko goes to Toog, the planet Poog comes from, to help look for Poog, who suddenly dissapears. When they get there they are surrounded by Toogilian guards and are brought to Poog, who says he does not recognize them. The mystery goes furthur when Toogis suddenly filled with the Toogilian's worst enemies who go dissapear suddenly as suddenly as they come. When Toog drops temprature all of a sudden, Akiko knows something is wrong and decides on a plan of action.
This book is great because of all the suspense, but it just is sort of wacky, with the flat planet of Smoo, and the old clunky ships as well as the strange characters.
Answering Questions
This book answered several questions of mine, having read the whole series, and finally had pictures. But this book did not answer all of my questions. To make up for that it had two mini-stories and an interview, as well as what fairy species you could be.