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I think 39 clues is a big hit. If your a person that like mysteries and breath taking moments you'd love the rest of the series. The Maze Of Bones was a great beginning because in the first chapter it tells why there all at the funeral * hint hint*. This book is scary, funny, and scary again! Especially the fire. I think Nellie can be funny but scary sometimes, I means she's always freaking out or listening to her I-pod and screaming, and in a book 4 'Beyond The Grave' she says " whatever freaks me out most you do." Amy is a little bossy to Dan but sometimes she can be a sweetheart. I think Grace was special to her an Dan so since she'd died Amy has every right to be a bit bossy because she's sad. Dan on the other hand is FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY but can be a bit bossy like his sister.The Hotls are just plain mean. I mean the twins dangling Dan upside down just because they can is plain mean. Irina Spasky can be nice and mean. Ian Kabra is handsome but spoiled like his sister Natalie Kabra. Isabell Kabra (Ian and Natalie's mom) is stuck up but is also a
sophisticated Lucian. Vikram Kabra I don't know much about but he's Natalie and Ian's dad. My favorite characters are a tie between Amy amd Saladin (Graces adorable Egyption Mou a cat) Great book read the others like I am doing
Hope its good
I can't wait to see it. I first heard of it when I saw a video about it on Youtobe. I thought it would be about Ariel when she was a toddler- teen
I read the book a while ago but I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡!!!!!!!!!!
Looks Cool
It looks sooooooo good but I'm not sure if it's for kids. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)