Reviews by Cherrytreelane
Lots of fun
Classic cartoon!
Great Magazine!
Beautiful photography, inspiring articles, love it!
Good Intro to Kayaking
Some beautiful photography and some very helpful information.
Great book, full color photos, excellent information! As a new kayaker (but someone who's been on several guided advanced white water rafting trips) I found the section on reading a river to help understand safe-to-travel versus either pre-scout or portage areas really helpful. Found the pictures plus accompanying text for these and many other topics (wet-exit from kayak, paddle strokes, kayak carrying & entry options...) very helpful and well done.
Great Book!
Talented, fun-to-read rewrite of an age-old fairy tale. Characters are interesting and intelligent. Well worth the time to read/listen to! Readers on this book on cd are enjoyable to listen to.