Reviews by scooterpie
Underrated and underappreciated
While overshadowed by all her other works, Mansfield Park is easily Austen's most political novel. Dealing with a wealthy family - the Bertrams - right after the abolition of the slave trade, Austen shows the strange apathy over slavery amongst the English upper-class at the time. Fanny - the heroine - is the poor niece of Sir Thomas Bertram who has been sent to Mansfield Park to live with the Bertrams. She mostly does housework and gets scolded by the Bertrams, save for her cousin Edmund.

While there is a romance between Fanny and Edmund, it takes a backseat to the struggle the Bertrams face trying to maintain their wealthy lifestyle after they lose the slaves on their plantation in Antigua. Not much is made of the slaves/slave trade by the Bertrams, leading Fanny (and the reader) to wonder why it is not talked about - surely an intention of Austen's.
An absolute riot
This is a great listen for anyone who has been dumped - not just men. It offers a partially true and partially exaggerated take on several different relationships/situations, bringing to light - above all things - just how hilariously awful relationships can be as they end. An excellent choice, especially if you just want to laugh.
Worth a listen
GLMS, from the state of Michigan, are a unique blend of folk and alternative sounds. Their lyrics and songs centered on Michigan settings will definitely make any Michigander feel at home.
A classic
This book is not only a classic science-fiction novel, but a classic work of American fiction. Vonnegut's recollection of the Dresden bombings is both horrifying and enlightening. His anti-war sentiments and unique observations about trauma, time, and aging in a modern world are all still relevant today. This is a timless narrative about the contemporary human condition, especially as it pertains to war.
5 Stars
Another must-listen for rock/alternative fans, or anyone who loves 90's music. The Colour and the Shape is an easy listen - catchy songs, driving tempos, and powerful lyrics that sometimes sneak up on you. Walking After You and February Stars are easily the best songs on the album, while the radio singles (Monkey Wrench, My Hero) are still among the best on the album.