Reviews by slugwhisperer
No more picklefest?
Reading this edition got me all excited for the summer and winter Picklefests in Berrien Springs. A web search of these events did not indicate that any such briny celebrations would occur this year. Luckily I also checked out the most recent edition of this travel guide at the same time, to discover that the Picklefests are no longer included. So now I'll just have to update my future travel planning.
A pleasing discovery!
This is the novel I've been waiting for all summer. Picked it up at random. Couldn't put it down. Hopefully there will be more!
Glad I Read It - Once
So, this is Sir Terry's first attempt at a novel. Definitely a struggle to get through. But glad I did as his vast imagination was certainly in effect. There were a few enjoyable bits scattered here and there.
A forgotten river
Interesting account of a journey up the Rouge River. Even though a million people live in it's watershed, very few see it up close. Find out why.
Interesting stories - not enough detail
It's definitely interesting to find out about the sordid events in A2. But the author simply recounts newspaper clippings. The author suggests that the chem lab scandal (Douglas Rose Controversy) had repercussions well into the 1940s, but does not provide details or evidence to this fact. Additionally, some background info was given, such as the meaning of an acronym stated in the Star Theatre incident (I assume it was that national guard).

Worth a read, but leaves many questions.