Reviews by vk
Erudite Englishman - cynical & melancholy
This is not your happy travels, and certain parts are definitely not suitable for family viewing!

Rather it's a cynical and melancholy journey of a 73-yr old erudite Englishman fascinated with evoking culturally and sexually the 18th century young male aristocrats and reliving his own youthful jaunts 50 years ago to Italy. Slow development over four DVDs. Not worth the time to view it all!
Uneven collection - hardly definitive
This 2.5-hr long DVD contains four videos: three on the seven ancient wonders of the world and one on the seven new wonders of the world; hence the title of fourteen wonders of the world. They are of varying lengths and quality.

The DVD leads off with "The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World", a video made in 2000, which was the weakest of the bunch and I did not feel engaged at all. The second video was "The New Wonders of the World", which was better paced and made in 2008. The extras feature two shorter videos: one on "Alexander and the Seven Wonders" and the last one weakly entitled "What did They really look like?" (where the They refers to the seven ancient wonders of the world). These two extras reused a lot of footage from the two main videos.

My conclusion: this is a so-so DVD, which may be worth your while if you had no previous exposure to these fourteen wonders of the world.
Excellent introduction to Angel Island!
This superbly written book is an excellent introduction to Angel Island for all Americans! Although intended for middle school children, it is suitable for adults of all ages. Recommend it as strongly as possible.
Somewhat dry and straightforward recitation of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Can do better with another book.
What a neat choice of 13 structures/buildings! Excellent introductions suitable for children of all ages.