Reviews by vk
Good Introduction to C.S. Lewis
This 85-minute documentary features the insights of several scholars of C.S. Lewis along with Douglas Gresham, the younger son of Joy Davidman and step-son of C.S. Lewis. Even Debra Winger, who portrayed Joy Davidman in the 1993 theatrical production of "Shadowlands", is included in the interviews. Taken together, this film provides a good, but not in-depth, introduction to the life and writings of C.S. Lewis. If you are curious about C.S. Lewis, you have found the right DVD.

Ardent fans of C.S. Lewis would want much more than this introduction and will have to dive into many books written by C.S. Lewis (38 in total) and consult the many more volumes written about his life, his writings, and his worldview.
With the glowing praise from the likes of Bill Clinton, Elon Musk, Larry Summers, etc, I eagerly read this book and frankly was very disappointed.

The book lurches along, sometimes shallow, sometimes engaging, sometimes stilted. As a skeptic, the author would only harmonize the dissonances of science and religion by casting them asunder. The long and labored explanation of the Higgs mechanism was far from fluid and did not illuminate. With the recent discovery of the Higgs boson and evidence of gravitational waves from inflation, large parts of the book are already out of date.

If you haven't read this book yet, you can do much better elsewhere. Did Bill Clinton, Elon Musk, Larry Summers, etc. actually read this book?
The Field infusing the entire Universe
An accessible book emphasizing the importance of considering the fields, rather than particles, as the main players, with special attention to the recently discovered Higgs field, since it has an unusual nonzero average value (246 GeV) presumably throughout empty space. The ripples in the Higgs field (around its average value) is the Higgs particle. The Higgs field interacts with other fields, and the strength of the interaction (proportional to its average value) gives rise to the mass of the particles of the other fields. The strange title chosen for this book doesn't seem to characterize it for me. Nevertheless, check this book out -- don't judge a book by its title -- it's a good read.
Dramatic Layered Lighting
A good source of ideas for dramatic layered lighting for different rooms, especially the use of sharply focused downlights, indirect diffused uplights, and backlit shelves.
Opulent Production by Royal Ballet
In this opulent adaption of the Nutcracker by the Royal Ballet (filmed in 2000), Peter Wright introduces Hans-Peter as the young nephew of magician Drosselmeyer, who in turn is the godfather of young Clara. The back story Wright used was that Hans-Peter had been transformed into an ugly Nutcracker, and the only way to break this spell was for him to kill the Mouse King and be loved by a young girl in spite of his ugly appearance. After killing the Mouse King in Act 1, Hans-Peter and Clara dance in the Land of Snow, replacing the traditional Snow King/Queen. In Act 2, they also appear in many of the national dances, which is not traditional. Wright also restores all the traditional cuts for the Pas de deux. The ballet ends with Drosselmeyer, back in his workshop, discovering that the spell on his nephew's spell has indeed been broken.

Don't miss the extra feature of the fixed wide video clip of the transformation of the living room and Christmas tree into a fantasy battlefield for mice and men.