Reviews by Sylwia
not happy with it
My three year old daughter loves these cds and seems to pick up the language quickly. I love the concept but this german version is poorly made. The spoken parts are clear and easy to understand. Though, listening to the songs you can hear that the singers are not native speakers and the pronunciation is quite off. I am a native speaker and I have to keep correcting my daughter as I would like her to learn it properly. The translations to the songs are completely different as well. I understand that songs and books do not translate word for word but the lyrics are completely different. My daughter seems to learn the ones that translate almost word for word quite quickly and learns the meaning of the words easily. The other songs are are quite more challenging. The recording of the songs is just ok as well. Children are singing the songs, which is fine, but they also have a woman sing whose voice does not flow at all with the other ones and it becomes annoying and difficult to understand. We also used to the french cds and we are much happier with them. The quality of the songs is much better and it shows that they can do it in a better way. I wish they would update this one as the concept is great and it works.
beautiful picture book
This book is wonderful and not just because of the great illustrations. It tells the story of a curious little boy spending the day at the beach. He makes an amazing find. I will not spoil the story line, request this book and find out on your own. Quite imaginative and wondrous story line told through pictures. Let your child observe and immerse herself/himself in the story and tell it with her own words. One of my favorites.
good introductory book for little feet
This book is perfect for the little ballet dancer. It turns ballet into imaginative play and shows the parent or teacher on how to make classic ballet moves easy to follow and understand.
a book comes to life
A boy, a box and a book. Suddenly it becomes very crowded as he is visited by many exotic animals. fun read
simplistic and to the point
What can you do with a box? Or other things in that matter. The illustrations are very simplistic but cute and the story line addresses every child's imagination.