Reviews by jensanch
Don't spoil Anne by watching this
Do not spoil the Anne of Green Gables stories/film adaptations by watching this one. Just enjoy the first two. This last film is just horrible and ridiculous and so over the top. It "jumps the shark" in the first 10 minutes. After I watched this one, I just wanted to go back in time and take my friend's advice, who said, "Don't watch the last Anne story. It's REALLY bad. You'll ruin it for yourself." I went ahead and watched it anyway and was beyond disappointed. If only I didn't let curiosity get the best of me. Oh well. Anyway, I'll just stick with volumes 1 and 2.
Great mini series
I have never actually heard of this story but am obsessed with BBC mini-series at the moment and really enjoyed Wives & Daughters. The storyline is interesting, captivating, and funny and the acting is excellent. I really believed in this story and could not get enough of it. I would definitely recommend this mini-series for anyone interested in this genre (meaning, Jane Austen-type genre).
I agree with both manz and jaegeria... that jig at the end is AWFUL. And like the others said, I really wanted to like this movie but just didn't. The storyline was awful and the movie was just boring even though it had some pretty images. I do not recommend this.