Reviews by adipirro
Good Read
One of the Author's best books in my opinion.

Dashti is a completely lovable character whose loyalty, and courage is something everyone should strive for!

Don't miss the author's other books... look them up in the catalog:)
A Favorite
This is one of my favorite books! I recommend it to all my friends. She seems to like writting about Robin Hood like heroines, as one of her other books, "Sovay," has a similar main character.
Sovay 4 stars, Pirates 5
I liked this book overall. However, the book started out slow and there were parts of it that I wasn't a fan of. After the story began to speed up it was hard to put down and by the last quarter of it I really couldn't put it down.

Although this book was good it couldn't beat Celia Rees' other book, "Pirates." If I hadn't read "Pirates" first I may have thought better of Sovay because overall it was a good book, but I think "Pirates" tainted my judgment of this work.

So basically for anyone reading this who hasn't read "Pirates" yet, I would recommend reading this one first so you aren't judging it based on "Pirates".
The De Granville Trilogy
I would consider this one of the best books I've ever read! The first in The De Granville Trilogy, this book has the perfect amount of fighting, mystery, and romance.

If this book was one of your favorites then you must make sure to read the next two in the trilogy, " Green Jasper" and "Blaze of Silver." Each and every book holds you in suspense until the ending!
Starcrossed Fans!
If you liked "Starcrossed" by Elizabeth C. Bunce then keep an eye out for the second book, "Liar's Moon," which comes out in November of this year.

In "Liar's Moon" Digger is back in order to help prove the innocence of her friend Lord Durrel Decath.