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An Inspiring Book
This is the awe inspiring story of Bethany Hamilton who lost her arm in a shark attack while surfing. In this book she tells the horrific story of how she lost her arm and how she has coped with such a loss. This book is such an inspiration and is a good story for all ages especially those who have problems, whether health or other, who need help coping. Bethany never pitied herself, but instead knew that this wasn't going to change, and learned to deal with it! What an amazing person!! :)
The Last Imperial Family of Russia
This book is about the last imperial family of Russia, the Romanov family. This story focuses mostly on the youngest daughter of the Romanov family, Anastasia Nicholaevna Romanova, or more simply Anastasia.

In this book the author tries to bring to life the last few years of the rule of the Romanov dynasty through Anastasia's eyes. However, little is known about Anastasia's life so the author creates a romance for her.

To her family Anastasia is still a child. The "clown" of the family and so they look to her to cheer themselves up, and also the member of the family that isn't supposed to understand the difficulties of her own family . But through her romance with a young guard she learns what life is like for the people that are ruled by her father and also when times get even worse, secrets that no one in the royal family is supposed to know... especially the youngest of the family.
Just Jane
To me this book was a sigh of relief. So many teen books now have been infiltrated by sensuality which doesn't need to be there, especially when it is completely out of context with the story! I love historical fiction books... mainly because I love history, but also because most historical fiction writers stay away from that. However, teen writers are so much more writing like this because it is what teens seem to want, and it has even made appearances in historical fiction now. This makes it increasingly difficult to find good "clean" books for teens.

As I said before though this book is a sigh of relief because the author was just able to stick with the story and not get off track writing about a romance that has nothing to do with the book. Of course there is some attraction between characters, but it stops at that... because... what a concept, RESPECT and MORALITY:)

This book is set during the American Revolution when that was a big deal. It was a time when a girl and a guy weren't alone together, but with a chaperon. That's part of the history and this author kept that where even in historical fiction books authors are straying from that!

Also for those who agree and are having trouble finding descent books, I have created a list that I continue to add to as I find more decent/"clean" books. To view my list either search public lists for: Books I recommend to everyone, or go to this link:

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Kris Allen
I love his song "Live Like We're Dying," but most of his other songs all sound the same. I would recommend listening to it yourself because I think that this might be because I've listened to it about 3 times since it's in my car. However, you definitely need to get it for the song I mentioned!