Reviews by jkl
This book is not that good, but you should read it.
This is not the best book in the series, in fact I would hate it if it didn't tie up so many loose ends. I would read it ONLY because it ends the series. It's not anything special otherwise. Please do not read the two books that come before this, as they will ruin your view of the series.
Worst book in Alex Rider series do not read!
This is the worst book in the Alex Rider series. It sucks. Just don't read it.
Do not read this book!
Do not read this book! If you have read the other books in the series it will change your views of the series from very good to bad. This book is terrible because it just follows the same 'madman tries to take over the world and Alex somehow manages to overcome all obstacles and stop him'. Just don't read it.
This novel finally adds some personal issues to the Alex Rider novels. You start to see the merging of Alex's lives as a spy and normal kid happen rapidly. This book has some great spins and is sure to keep the book in your hand. This is the last book that I would recommend reading in the Alex Rider series.
Good book.
This book is definitely not my favorite Alex Rider book, but it's also not the worst. If you're getting tired of the series this is the last book you should read. It's thrilling and decent but by this point the series is starting to get boring because the theme for every book is the same-Alex acts like he's never going to work for MI6 again, then due to some personal issue decides to work for them again. Then some madman tries to take over the world and screws with Alex a little. Then miraculously, Alex manages to pull things off and survive.