Reviews by noor82
Confusing .... Don't bother
Am sorry I couldn't finish the 3rd chapter let alone finish the whole book .... The rule changing , the names are so confusing and hard to pronounce , I couldn't imagine the role of edwerd being a female vampire and trying to save a wimpy boy and telling him what to do , and it's almost word to word copying from twilight expect for names written in this story, was so much confusing it hurt my brain to keep reading because it's so hard not to compare back-and-forth with twilight and Its characters . I don't know why she thought it was a good idea to make this book ,I think this Book is terrible , and a big betrayal for the twilight book fans , she wanted to make more money I guess maybe she is runny low , she say she didn't have time to finish the book that we all wanted midnight sun , but she had the time to copy twilight word to word with boy character ... She says she fell in love with version WHY ... She is weird Woman and I always thought of her as arrogant and do not appreciate the fans of twilight
So disappointed ..
Good movie
Good movie very very true to the books
When is this book is coming out I been on hold number 3 for more than two months come on already
Love this book very helpful
Didn't like
I don't know I didn't like this movie at all I think the actor Robert pattinson was so stiff un actor like I didn't like at all it was weird movie wasted my time watching it .