Reviews by charles racine
Scaredy cat
It's about 4 chickens who are very, very, very, very big goofballs even if they're very big.
The drawings were funny and I liked their expressions.
A good adventure!
This story has a lot of action and it's very good. It's also funny and sad.
I've watched it often and I've liked it.
I like the characters. My favorite is Aslan because he is not a tame lion. C.S. Lewis is a very good author.
Great series!
Here begin the stories of Grace and Connor, twins who are orphaned in a shipwreck.
They must adapt to their new life aboard pirate ships.
The narration is spectacular. Daniel Philpott does a different voice for EVERY character. His accents are amazing.
After the first CD, you'll want to listen to them all.
Charles, age 9
Learn about bees!
Clan Apis is a story about a bee called Nyuki. It's very funny and very sad and it's one of my favorite books.
One time, Nyuki asks the Queen Bee "Why do you have such a fat butt?" and Nyuki's sister Dvorah said "Nyuki, this is the queen for Pete's sake."
And the Queen says, "Ha, ha. It's called an abdomen, dear."
A sad part is when a main character dies, but that's part of a bee's life.
Charles, age 9