Reviews by marielle
Stamps! Murder! Chemistry experiments!
I loved this 11 year old budding chemist determined to solve the mystery of the murdered man found in her garden!

Very cute, very entertaining!
Love the series, this one isn't the best
Unlike some of the other books in this series, this isn't really about how dinosaurs learn their colors. Instead it's a poem about the colors of random household items. And the drawings are such that it's not really obvious what color each item is. The poem is well written but there's not really much about dinosaurs in this one, and it's not really good at teaching colors.
Dinosaurs are neat!
This is a great series, and in this one, kids learn that dinosaurs do a good job of cleaning their room- instead of shoving everything under the bed, they put things away where they belong!
Great book for little kids with kitties!
Our one year old son LOVES his kitty... but he doesn't know how to play with her! This book teaches him how to be a GOOD friend to his kitty, like dinosaurs are. Don't you know, dinosaurs gently pet their cats and clean their litter boxes regularily?
All of these are great!
These books are awesome- great rhymes, great art. This book was my gateway "How do dinosaurs" book- I found it at ShareHouse for 50 cents. Like most "How do dinosaurs" books it starts out by asking if the dinosaurs do "bad" things, like hogging toys, etc., and then answering with how the dinosaurs actually behave- by being good dinosaurs! Completely charming and fun for both me and my son.