Reviews by chevysail
She's at it again
Could be entitled: "A Shadow of my favorite fat girl. Reclining, double breasted

of course."

In keeping with her dominant themes, she "pulls" another through her void.

A striking force of a wake highway trailing right to left.


aerial view 1500 meters
At a glance, the work reminds me of an aerial view of the counties in

Nebraska, from 15,000 ft above. Each colors represents a degree of

successful growing of kiwi, strawberries, potatoes, etc.

A fun work of color that can kick start ones imagination.

Let me spends hours with his works.
Unless you have been mesmerized by his orignals, one cannot appreciate

his body of work. From his early period selection of paints, searching for

themes while teaching at the BAU HAUS roving with color into that dramatic

and visionary collision with geometric shape, that dominate his life work,

his influence upon his contemporaies, his courage was and is contagious!

Out of well over three hundred pieces shown on (his work)website, you

may easily choose ten or more which dance with color for fun.