Reviews by surferbill
Amazing read!
I read this and it immediately went to the top of my list of bedtime reading for my seven year old. She was hooked by the real feel of the mystery, friendship, and mother-daughter relationship. We are having a blast reading it together, and it has brought on tough but important conversations on race, kindness and the sometimes bizarre way big kids act. Loved it!
NOT better than a sharp stick to the eye
As much as I enjoyed the world of Divergent, this final chapter, Allegiant, makes me wish I never heard of Veronica Roth. I've never, in four decades of reading voraciously, been so disappointed in an author, so disgusted by the slapdash job done by an editing team, so embarrassed for recommending a series, until this terrible book. The Sweet Valley High books that were popular when I was a kid had more character development and consistent tone that Allegiant, and every one of them was written by a different person. I weep for the trees that died to make this POS.
My childhood would have been immeasurably worse without this movie. Love it!