Reviews by Annimatronic
Horror writer's horror writer
Lovecraft has cast a long shadow as a writer, even influencing the most modern authors. His tales build suspense naturally, giving them time to sink in to your brain as you figure out what happens next.But sometimes you just won't know.
Sure, he's not the best at dialog and the language can be outdated (there is some racism in some of the stories), but the stories are fantastic.
Cheesy classic
I love this movie. Jeffrey Combs makes it for me. There's definitely a dark comedy undertone, more so than the book. Sure, the effects are dated, but it adds to that comic tone.
Truly frightening
This has to be THE Stephen King book to read (besides On Writing). Clowns, monsters, generations of horror. King is always very good at writing from a child's perspective because he doesn't treat kids as stupid or silly (unless the situation call for it).
It's long, but entertaining.
"We all float down here." Chilling stuff.
One of King's best works
You would think King's horror novels would be his best work, but truly this work may be. The book is part memoir, part writing master class from one of the most prolific writers out there. I listened to the BOCD, which is read by him, so you really do feel like you're taking a class with him. Plus, it's highly entertaining to hear him recount his near-fatal run-in with a van. He's pretty bitter about the whole thing (which he has every right to be).

The one drawback is that you'll feel lazy, this is a man who has known since he was a child what he wanted to do and did it. Over and over and over again. Remember when he "retired"? It's like the man can't not write.
It scares me that teens will grow up thinking this is how one writes. Did Meyer not have an editor or was one clever editor hoping that she could expose the sham that is Stephanie Meyer?