Reviews by Ryan Burdick
The Universalization of a Classic
It's always been incredible, but a shame that so many scenes have been lost. Now, only TWO (that's right, 2) scenes are missing. The rest have been found. So if you've seen Metropolis or not, make sure to check this one out.
Great Look at the Ruins of Detroit
I've seen these buildings, but hadn't seen the stories that built them. Now I've seen both and am fascinated, impressed & depressed all at the same time.
Poor Plot, Excellent World
I agree with poihths, but the ideas in this really develop the what the world will be like in 2030, and I totally believe it. If you're looking for an atmosphere book that'll make you think about the future, this is it. But the story is unfocused and scattered.
I love mysteries, and Mrs. Christie kept me guessing about the crime until the end. With fully realized characters with various motives, this is one that is definitely worth a listen.
Just as the Cover Says
"Great Filmmaking, Great Acting, Great Movie." They don't lie.