Reviews by Ariana Esfahan
At first I was hesitant to watch this movie because I heard it was very sad. But my friends convinced me to watch it and now I can't believe I didn't want to! It sounded like a boring love story but it's much more.

Tyler Hawkins has had a rough life. His brother, Micheal, committed suicide 5 years ago and now Tyler is just trying to make his way though life while caring for his little sister, and dealing with his gruff father. Tyler's friend, Aidan is sick of Tyler moping and sets him up with Alyssa Craig, who's father arrested Tyler and Aidan a week before. It's love at first sight. Ally is funny, uplifting, and strangely enough, has had enough pain of her own to understand Tyler. Remember Me is heart-wrenching story about love, pain, and how to deal with both.
Twilight (movie)
I read all four books before watching the movie. The movie was good, but at times it was a little boring because there was only soft music and talking. I think that the book was so long that in the movie, they couldn't add enough details. Basically it was a good movie. And I highly recommend the books to anyone who wants a wonderful adventure.