Reviews by simone racine
Thank you Dave Barry
I read the audio book and it was one of the best books I ever heard and ever will read. I hope you read it too and I hope you enjoy it.
My favorite part was when they were racing on the train and they opened to reveal the... You'll have to read it to find out.
Growing up
Brother Bear is experiencing growing up in the tree house. One day, he wakes up and his bed is too small for him. Father Bear and Brother Bear go out to make a new bed. All the time, Brother Bear would ask "Where is my old bed going?"
Father Bear finally answers: "There is a new baby! The bed will go to her."
The wolf and the four chickens
The four big chickens one day woke up. They saw a wolf out of the window in the farmyard. They ran away as far as they could go.
In the end, they find because they are big.
It's hard being 5
Nina tells us how frustrating it is to be a little girl learning to be in her world.
So many things are out of her control and so many things are difficult to accomplish.
In the end, she just needs a little understanding from those who love her.
I spy a great book
The search for the items is very tricky and that's fun. I've always enjoyed I Spy books. I love the pictures because there are many details, so many things to look at.
It's a great way to pass the time. Once you see one I Spy book, you'll want to see the others.
Simone, age 7