Reviews by jayin
Vegan pie
Another amazing cookbook by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. These recipes are so yummy you will be glad your vegan.
Mother daughter knits
This is a nice collection of complimentary sweaters for mothers and daughters. I like the way the tops are similar, but not copies, as adults look silly in baby clothes.
This book is very worth checking out from the library.
a better yarn
A better book than A Good Yarn, but still nothing amazing. If you want a pleasant read with nice characters, this is a good one.
a mediocre yarn
While a general fan of knitting stories, this was was lacking. Of all the author's book's I have read, I would say this is the worst written one. If you are a big fan of the Bloosom street books, you will want to read this to keep up w/ the story line. Otherwise, you could fine a better way to pass the time.
vegan living
If you are a young hip womyn looking for a way to find out if your tattoo is vegan or not, this is a great book for you.