Reviews by ferdoble
Beautiful and simple
This book was both beautifully drawn and very simple. Its a story of a chameleon that loves to stand out, but learns to do so in a socially responsible way.
Hart warming
This is a story that sent a little jolt of fear into me when I first started reading it. I thought that the tiger was a little bit scary and creepy. However by the end I had a genuine “awww” moment. Really very hart warming story of how short life is, but how at the same time it never ends.
Unexpected Still
Just when I think I’ve got a handle on the way Suzanne Collins rights her plots she puts another wrench in the gears.

Its got the same magic as the first in that I can’t put it down. I ended up reading this book in two sittings, and then I immediately started on the third as far as Google books would take me. I can’t wait for the third.
First off these books are fantastic. It’s an epic tale of the flavor of many that have gone before it of a terrible empire that is opposed by a righteous rebellion. That being said it is still very unpredictable in a way that will shock and please any audience member.

It is so good in a way that you will be afraid to see what happens to characters that you will genuinely feel for, but you will be terrified not to see what happens next and so will read on torturing yourself in the best possible literary way.