Reviews by chuntoon
Solid Start to the Series
A generally interesting read with a nice inversion of power dynamics and subversion of the typical dichotomy of good and evil. You may crave a narrative by the books central character, but you will spend the whole book waiting.
A Classic!
Perhaps the greatest golden age musical, HELLO, DOLLY! boasts fabulous music, a great cast, and a tone of pure joy. Moments might drag for new audience members (with modern audience sensibilities about pacing), but in spite of a few slower moments, this movie adaptation is wonderful.
Still Delightful
It's hard to believe that this lovely novel was written almost 30 years ago... it manages to feel fresh and relatable (taking place in a fictional world probably helps!).

The first book in the Song of the Lioness quartet, Alanna: The First Adventure follows Alanna (bet you could have figured that out!) as she cross-dresses to take her twin brother's place to begin training as a knight. Alanna wrestles with hiding her sex, learning how to be a knight, and earning friends (and enemies). A great beginning to a wonderful series.
This incredible, yet chilling novel follows the confession of a young woman who has been accused of being involved in a crime against one of her classmates. The book documents her attempt to stay truthful with an audience... but slowly she peals away the layers of lies she compulsively tells. Great writing, engaging characters, and twists that are completely unpredictable, Liar is a great read.
Hits Its Stride
Season three is where Buffy hits its stride (and it manages to stay awesome for several more seasons). This disc offers up the hilarious Band Candy (an episode where the adults of Sunnydale lose all sense of responsibility) and the wonderful return of Spike in Lover's Walk. Good stuff.