Reviews by willyloh
different gangster plot
If you enjoy gangster movies, you are in for a treat.
I like the ending, refreshing finish, sort of.
Green Monster (hero)
I didn't like the beginning but as the story unfolded bit by bit, I starting to enjoy.
Greatest surprise, I was wondering where is the green monster, how did he fit into the team,
and how did he get invited and then, he just all of a sudden 'transformed'.
Not As Good As the Last 2
A bit of a disappointed, and confused of the plot. Especially when you mixed with Time Travel, like "Back to the Future"
related. I was really lost when the villain showed up in past and present forms. Well, for entertainment purpose,
that is ok. You really of to think hard to work out the logic behind it. Total budget of this 3rd version is about 250 millions
& I think the studio had managed to do better than break even.
no wonder this movie was a flop or disaster when 1st shown in theaters. Not only the name was inappropriate and the story is just horrible. No real good plot, but so much meaningless fighting, weird monsters, and many others. Just wasting your time sitting in front for so long.
Cussler's NUMA adventure
Another one of the well-written action novel by Clive.