Reviews by sueij
I don't rewatch many movies, but have seen this at least three or four times now. Every time I get more out of it. The acting is stellar, the script is amazing, and the details are riveting.
Well done
I don't watch many thriller/ action movies, but I thought that this was well done, with a tight plot and great acting. It certainly speaks to the way that our fears change over time: NSA surveillance and privacy issues are just as relevant now as in 1999... and even more so post 9/11. Not the fears of Frankenstein (science gone awry) or tech out of control, but of government without oversight.
Absolutely amazing
This ended up on my "Watch this someday" list, and by the time I did, I had forgotten what it was about and didn't read the jacket (I prefer to read books and watch movies without knowing much about them, as long as I have already been assured that they are worth my time).

Wow. Just wow. The attention to detail was fantastic. The characters, as written and acted, were amazing. The story went places I did not see coming. The development of people and events was natural and wonderful and realistic and utterly worth watching and watching again.

I loved this movie. Challenging and thought provoking and human.
Love in many forms
This was a wonderful movie. I had a little bit of a hard time keeping track of a few of the story lines for a while, and of how each set of people connected to everyone else, but love in all these different forms was fun to explore. Sometimes over the top, sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet, sometimes passionate, sometimes growing, or fading. Love comes in so many different ways. Well done.
A creative interpretation on the superhero theme (much like Unbreakable with Bruce Willis was, as well). Predictable right at the very end, but... well, what do you expect? Enough twists in the middle to be fun and unexpected.