Reviews by Lillie Schneyer
An amazing book
I really enjoyed this book. In this book, the main character, Colin, struggles with himself. He is currently a child prodigy, and he is not sure where to go next. In addition, he has just been dumped by his 19th girlfriend. Colin's one and only friend Hassan decides that this situation calls for a roadtrip. The two somehow end up in Gutshot, Tennessee, where Colin meets Lindsey Lee Wells. She teaches him a lot about himself, and she finds things out about herself in the process. By the end, Colin realizes what matters, and he manages to learn to tell a good story a long the way. This book is hilarious, and even manages to teach you something, due to the random facts Colin finds it impossible not to share.
Leviathan is in a fairly unique genre- it is a real historical event place in a science fiction world. The events of WW1 are mostly accurate, however, and this book is a great way to get a basic idea of it, and actually remember it, unlike some things you learn in history class. This book also is a very exciting adventure story, and you find yourself getting caught up rooting for the main characters. It's a fantastic read and I would highly recommend it.
Entertaining and refreshing
Frankie is the epitome of a spunky heroine: smart, funny, and with a lot to say. She refuses to be dominated over, and she wants to be known for herself, not just for her boyfriend. It was refreshing to read this book, because Frankie is not at all like many heroines in YA books. She worries about whether or not her boyfriend is looking down on her, and how she can be a stronger feminist, not just her grades or social status (though she spends a lot of time on that too). My only criticism is occasionally Frankie doesn't sound like a teenager. She'll launch into long speeches that sound more like a long-experienced and very articulate adult feminist. While teenagers can be just that articulate, some specific speeches just don't ring true.