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very nice surprise
i just stumbled upon this movie, never having heard anything about it. My whole family - husband, me, and 18-yr-old daughter - really enjoyed it. A sweet Rom Com of sorts. Really liked Ewan McGregor and Kristin Scott Thomas, whom I don't always enjoy. I'd give it 4 stars.
Meh. Very meh, if meh can be very. Boring book, very predictable, not particularly well-written. Began it because it was suggested to my book group. Slogged through more than half, then decided not to waste more time. Checked out the end to confirm its predictability. Yep. Pass this one by.
Great narrator
This is a remarkable book, written for teens, but perfectly interesting for adults. Initially I couldn't imagine enjoying this book - it sounded to painful. Two teenagers dying of cancer find love? As a parent who has already lost one child and several friends to cancer, I dreaded reading this, but several young people pushed me to read it. And I'm glad I did! Yes, it was painful; John Green does an amazing job of depicting the pain of loss, the horror as well as stripped-down simplicity of life for the terminally ill. But it was also humorous and warm, and I loved the characters.

This is a very nice recorded version. The reader does an excellent job!
hilarious, but dated
I reread this book, wondering how it would hold up after 30+ years. I found it to be sometimes hilarious, wonderful satire, totally enjoyable. But it also misogynistic and racist, in a way that is not at all acceptable now. At first, I thought it was all part of his satire, but the more I read and the more often he made sweeping generalizations using the N-word, the less comfortable I was with it. I guess this was okay in the early 70's, but it isn't today.
Yup, a good book
I haven't loved Patchett in the past, but I did like this book a lot. Interesting characters, a little too fantastic to be real, but still interesting.