Reviews by epojeda
This book is truly amazing. It reminds us hat in times of crisis, we are always there for each other. During the atack of 9/11, many lives were lost. Many heroes were made. Thiss event brought us close with one another.
This has been the best book yet from the series. So much action, love, and emotion. I love the authors use of great detail. I could read it over and over again, and not get tird or bored of it. I Love all of J.K Rowlings books, and I think that everyone who reads this author's books will absolutely love them
Best Movie Ever!
I just love watching Titanic. The story of the sinking is very good, combined with the fact that the actors did a great job. While watching this movie , I felt like i was on the Titanic. It's a movie full of mixed emotions, and I could watch it 10000 times and not get bored.