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Liam Neeson fights wolves
Ever thought, "Hey, that movie about a plane crash was nice but it really needed more wolves?" Liam Neeson thought so too. So he made you this movie.
Like survival stories? Scared of wolves? Like wintery and/or cold climates? Think Liam Neeson is the awesomest? This is the film for you!
Worthy topic
but this movie is uneven and sometimes comes across as a vanity project for Rosanna Arquette (the director). It's well known that the entertainment industry is cruel to actresses and this film doesn't tell you anything you don't already know. May be of interest if you're interested in film history, like the actresses interviewed, or enjoy hearing behind-the-scenes anecdotes about famous movies.
My favorite picture book of 2013 (so far)
Charming story and gorgeous, effective artwork.
Sweet romantic film
Not sure why this isn't more famous. It's really great. If you love intelligent romantic movies, you should enjoy this. Especially recommended if you're homesick for Boston.

Fun to see a young Philip Seymour Hoffman make a cameo.