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Lovely, sad film
Jesse and Celine are great and all but Paris is the real star. Will always be grateful to this movie for introducing my teenage-self to Nina Simone, via the fantastic final scene.

Word of warning: The ending is open ended, or at least it was until they made a sequel.

My mom's review: Her clothes are fantastic. I love that jacket she wears at the bookshop. He's still a jerk.
Fantastic but
you probably won't really enjoy it unless you're in your twenties or in touch with your twenties self. The film is one long, unstructured, well scripted narcissistic and very vulnerably human conversation. If you're older or hate twentysomethings, maybe consider catching up with Jesse and Celine in their later years. The "effect" of watching them grow up won't but as profound but you'll probably relate more to their concerns.

Beautiful location and scenery; like a trip in DVD form!

My mom's review: The guy is a jerk. The girl has nice clothes.
Not Quindlen's best
I remember being disappointed by this book. I love London and British literature but found this to be a shallow examination.
Excellent youth-level biography
Excellent youth-level biography about a very interesting man and his career.
Not as good as the book
I found the book by Susan Hill to be much creepier. I don't think the atmosphere (hearing undetermined things in the fog, for example) translated well to film. It's a pretty short book so they had to embellish a lot with new characters and so forth. Not bad if you're in the mood for a non-gory horror film but I'd definitely recommend the book over the movie.

A lot of the scares come from sound effects and "things jumping out."