Reviews by klickitat
Really enjoyed
There's some really beautiful storytelling going on here. Fantastic performances all around and excellent writing. I find myself wondering and worried about Paul and his patients between episodes. A lot of the material is cringeworthy and painful because the patients are very flawed but that never dampens my enjoyment. I can't stop watching.

It must have really been something to watch this Monday - Friday, every week (how it was originally broadcast).
I only watched this because it was filmed in my hometown (and I fast forwarded through a lot of it). If you're in the mood for a tearjerker, you might like this. Poor Brendan Fraser has not aged well.
No stand-out tracks
but I liked this much better than Wainwright's previous album.
Never get old
Good, silly British humor and quality claymation to boot! Loved these films as a kid and love them now! Fun for the whole family.
Less of a guide than the title implies
This is more memoir than guide but there are some good take-aways. A quick, easy read.