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Recommended for reluctant readers
When his Uncle gives him a magical book for his birthday, Joe and his two best friends are transported back in time, where they encounter the knights of the round table, a giant, the famous sorcerer Merlin, and a dragon. This fast paced transitional chapter book is thematically similar to Mary Pope Osborne's Magic Treehouse and should appeal to fans of that series. This first book in the series ends satisfactorily but whets the readers' appetite for the sequels. The book's short length and generously spaced text lay-out are perfect for the intended age level. Lane Smith's exaggerated, art deco reminiscent illustrations add interest and often help inform the text. Especially recommended for reluctant male readers in 3rd to 5th grade who should appreciate Scieszka's conversational and authentic "guy" voice.
Babymouse longs to be "queen of the world" and break out of her life in the shadows. If she could just snag an invitation to popular Felicia Furrypaw's party, Babymouse is sure her life would change for the better. Or would it?

The first book in a popular series, Babymouse: Queen of the World! is a winning suggestion for reluctant readers of the girly persuasion. A black, pink, white, and, did I mention pink?, color scheme proudly announces that this is not your stereotypical graphic novel. And it's about time. Girls deserve appealing graphic titles just as much boys. (Although, don't let the pink fool you, field tests have proven that boys quite enjoy Babymouse too.)
This book is fabulous. A bit like (and I'm sure this isn't an original thought) The Monster at the End of this Book but with more dragon. And Sculpey. Pure fun. Really hope it gets Caldecott attention.
Clever variation on the "new baby" picture book
A clever variation on the "new baby" picture book. Two dogs, named FudgeFudge and Marshmallow, are upset to realize that a "new animal" has commandeered their owners' attention. They plot ways to rid themselves of the new animal until they realize maybe they've grown to like the new animal, if only just a little bit. Pratt's cartoonish pastel illustrations complement the silly tone. Recommended for older siblings who can relate to the desire to bury their new sibling in the yard with old bones.
Excellent early reader
Twin sisters Ling and Ting may look alike but, as the title implies, they are not "exactly the same"! Grace Lin impresses with her first easy reader. This charming book, divided into six short chapters, echoes the mischievous humor of Beverly Cleary's Ramona series. Lin's colorful illustrations are plentiful and will help the new reader puzzle out the text's meaning. Beginning readers are sure to be entertained while they practice their reading skills. Its quality is in line with the standard bearer of the genre Frog and Toad Are Friends.

Fun trivia: Look closely at the books that Ling and Ting are reading. If you're familiar with Lin's previous work, you'll recognize the covers of several of her other titles