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Guilty pleasure ahead
If you ever wished that GREY'S ANATOMY was set in a jungle, boy, do I have the show for you. Excellent cast that deserve better material but still have a lot of fun with the soapy plots anyway.
Cheesy but quite impressive
At the time of its release, this was the most expensive Canadian film ever produced. (It might still be?) Sure, the plot is a bit cheesy and I thought the female love interest (the always impressive Dhavernas) was too young for Gross's charcter (sorry Paul) but it's an impressive effort that recalls the old Hollywood epics. Fans of historical romance or series like BAND OF BROTHERS should enjoy.

If you enjoy this, try SWEET LAND (
Sweet historical romance
If you're in the mood for a sweet, unconventional romance set in the past, you should check this movie out. If you enjoy this, try the Canadian film Passchendaele (
Read the book(s) instead
This movie is only a pale shadow of the much beloved DARK IS RISING series. Do yourself a favor and skip this movie in favor of reading the books instead. Maybe someday we'll get a good adaptation of Susan Cooper's books but this isn't it.
Must read for fans of middle grade British fiction and fantasy series, specifically HARRY POTTER or the CHRONICLES OF NARNIA. Might also appeal to Madeline L'Engle or Ursula LeGuin fans.

Jennings is the perfect narrator and does a wonderful job voicing the characters.