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Poetry for movie buffs
Talented University of Michigan professor Jordan created a collection of poems in reaction to inspiring films. The author provides annotations with further information about each film and his thoughts at the end of the book.
I'd hoped for more from this movie but it wasn't a bad way to kill a few hours on a Saturday afternoon. Beautiful art direction and camerawork (one shot showing the house's hallway and into one of the bedrooms at the same time is particuarly stunning) with a strong influence from J-horror. Most scares are "jump scares" and to the filmmakers' credit they aren't fake-outs. For some reason it really amused me that Jamie Lannister plays twin brothers.
3.5 stars
This book was alternately empowering and depressing, mostly the latter. Glad Matchar ended the book with some "lessons." Skimmed some chapters toward the end because I found them repetitive. It will be interesting to see what happens to this generation of opt-outers in middle age... Lots of food for thought!
Above average beach read
Very well done. Kept me absorbed for the entirety of a long plane ride. For once the multiple perspectives worked to the book's advantage. I liked how it allowed for more complex character portraits. Jeremiah's fuddy-duddy grandpa act was a mite too thick (one character accurately calls him a "scold") but I understand why he needed to be written that way.
Growing pains
I'm having a little trouble adjusting to the changes made since the first season ended and I'm not sure I like the new aspects. (I'm being vague here in case someone who hasn't seen the first season is reading this.) The new characters will probably grow on me but right now they feel very much like pale imitations of the previous season's patients. Although I realize why it's impossible, I would have preferred for the squabbling couple to actually be season one's Amy & Jake (as they apparently were in the original Israeli version) because it's just all so familiar. It'd also lend a great deal of resonance to their child being caught in the middle of their dysfunction.

Cautiously optimistic that I'll like this as much as the first season.