Reviews by klickitat
Still great
Recently began remedying the fact that I'd never watched ANY L&O. (I know, I know. It's downright un-American!) This show still holds up (okay, the haircuts and clothes are a little funny sometimes) and it's fun to spot the many famous actors that stop by.
Not funny with an unsympathetic and grating main character. The plotline with the adoptive father is skeevy. One of those strange films that captured everyone's attention for a while and now is no longer talked about.
Innovative love letter to Toronto
A funny movie filmed with an innovative style that mimics the graphic novel source material without being gimmicky. Like the graphic novels, a love letter to Toronto. Lots of in-jokes for Canadians and fans of Canadian films.
Great show
I really enjoyed this silly, slapstick comedy during its brief run. Shame it was cancelled!

Applegate is great in the title (dual) role and the supporting cast (Jean Smart, Melissa McCarthy, Jennifer Esposito, Kevin Dunn) is excellent.
Lost interest
I enjoyed the first series but I lost interest in the second. This should have been a one-off.