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Yes, the subject matter is sad but this movie is definitely worth watching. I walked out of the theater inspired. As the wife character says as she flips through an old photo album, "Life is beautiful." Make sure to pay attention to the set design -- you'll learn so much about the characters' lives beyond the movie's plot.
Classic rock
Glad NPR All Songs Considered turned me on to Big Star. I've been enjoying having it in background as I work each day.

Big Star sounds a lot like the Canadian band Blue Rodeo to me. If you like Big Star, check out Blue Rodeo as well.
Historical ghost story
Teens who love historical fiction and ghost stories will enjoy this, although the historical accuracy is sketchy. Nice use of archival posters and photographs throughout.

If you want to learn more about the 1918 - 1919 influenza epidemic in the U.S., check out:

If you liked this book, try Adele Griffin's Picture the Dead:
Really fun
A really fun read. Recommended for anyone looking for a spooky story.

As much as the first person narratives help insert the reader into the action -- so many times I felt frightened, dirty, and tired right along with the characters -- I wonder how much more effective it would have been without the frequent shift in perspectives. Re-orienting myself every few pages as to who was speaking broke the flow of the narrative and killed some of the tension during the more action-packed scenes.
Ghost story with deeper meaning
As great as the spooky parts of this story are (and they are quite good), it's the poignant reflections on friendship and growing up that will stick with you. Not to imply that this book is "preachy" because it isn't. Podehl was a great narrator.

The ultra-hip librarian character with cotton candy pink hair was a little pandering but I'll take it. Much better than alternate-reality Mary Bailey.