Reviews by cathiek
Helpful tips
Very helpful bowling technique tips from a great bowling coach. Worth watching for bowlers! It's nice that this coach's "bottom line" is having fun.
Watch this to learn the truth about our food supply
Really great, brave documentary about what is really happening to our food supply. I hope everyone who gets a chance to watch this, does, as it's so important to everyone's health.

Shop locally and seasonally, especially Farmers' Markets and stay away from processed foods!

These big companies are ruining our food supply just to make money. We need to band together and vote with our dollars to say that we want healthy, safe food. It's up to us. Let's work together and it will get better. We can do this.
Interesting and funny
Really interesting and funny documentary about an unusual subject. If you like documentaries, this is one you should see.
Worth seeing
Definitely worth seeing - especially if you're interested in social justice causes or in simply a good story. Strong acting and moving story. (Based on a true story.) Also very enlightening, giving lots of food for thought and discussion.
Special effects thriller
A thriller with some clever plot twists and turns. A strong cast with Ben Foster especially wonderful. Some violent scenes, but does have quite a few thrills.