Reviews by messelti
Witty, not mind-blowing
Jenn Doll presents a series of essays that are kind of about marriage, but mostly about her. She tries to tie it together with ideas on what marriage means, and what it means to be unmarried and writing about marriage. Some of the stories are a bit funny, but sort of "good bar story" funny, and not "let's all ready about this" funny.
a pretty fast 600-pg read
If you like Joe Hill's writing, you will like this book. He doesn't deviate from his standard tropes (bad guys that exist half in reality and half in dreams, good guys who aren't necessarily "pure and true", etc.) but does tell a unique and interesting story with some great characters. The ending fell a little flat but the ride was worth it.
This film loses nothing in its lack of sound. It is so well put together than the audience will have no problem following the plot and characters. The stars of ridiculously charming and have great chemistry.

Absolutely darling.
Great new horror comic
Creepy, fantastical, with a great story.
So weird. So awesome.
Very interesting story, great art. Definitely weird.