Reviews by pamhockey25
Worth reading twice!
This book has lots of great suggestions. I found it particularly useful for helping me figure out how to get the right things done. If you feel like you are spinning your wheels, doing, doing, doing and never getting anywhere, read this book. A lot of time management books tell you how to fit everything into your day so you can do it all, but this one talks about how to prioritize your activities so you do the things that matter most. Yes, you will actually eliminate activities! Reading this book is like having a life coach standing right beside you -- providing success tips, keeping you focused, and cheering you on along the way. Worth reading twice! I devoured it the first time and am now going back and reading it more slowly to get more out of it!
Watch it!
I had no idea what this movie was going to be about and it was spellbinding. If you don't know what it's about, that's probably the best way to watch it. Makes you think. The acting was excellent, and the story was brilliant.
"Stolen" by Kelley Armstrong is the second instalment in the "Women of the Otherworld" series that started with the utterly exceptional "Bitten". If you have not yet read "Bitten", read it first! Elena Michaels, the only female werewolf, doesn't believe other supernatural creatures exist. In this book she meets witches Ruth and Paige Winterbourne and learns that there are also demons, shamans, sorcerers, and vampires as well. One of Elana's challenges in this installment is to come to terms with her new knowledge about the other supernaturals. We'll definitely be seeing more of them as this series developes.

Elana is lured into a trap and has to escape. She is unable to get help from her pack and is forced to rely on help from the other prisoners in order to get out. Lots of action, suspense and interesting twists. Recommended highly, but read Bitten first.
great anthology
If you're a fan of paranormal fiction, do not miss this anthology! It's a great way to read four talented authors Prior to reading this I was only familiar with Kim Harrison and Kelley Armstrong so for me it was a great way to find some new writers.

"Undead in the Garden of Good and Evil" by Kim Harrison—This is actually a prequel to Harrison's Rachel Morgan series (Dead Witch Walking), told not from Rachel's point of view, but Ivy's. If you're familiar with the series, it's a great addition, if not, it's a great introduction. Many of the elements here are mentioned throughout the series, so if you're familiar Harrison's series you'll really enjoy it. If not, it can stand alone and if you enjoy it, I do recommend the series. This tells the story of Ivy climbing the corporate ladder on her boss's terms and how she manages to turn the tables on him. If you're a Harrison fan, this is a must read. You'll be sorry you missed it.

"The Claire Switch Project" by Lynsay Sands--Claire Beckett and Kyle Lockhart are scientists experimenting with a molecular destabilizer. Claire is exposed to the beam and her co-worker Kyle takes her home for observation. Of course, they both have hidden feelings for each other. They are in for an interesting night when they go to their high school reunion together. The story is very funny. I'll definitely be looking up some more books by this author!

"Chaotic" by Kelly Armstrong—Here Armstrong develops another character in her Otherworld series, Hope Adams, a half demon with the ability to see and feel chaos. This story establishes her relationship with jewel thief and werewolf, Karl Marsten. This story is filled with action, tension and more than a few hilarious moments that kept me so involved that I couldn't put it down. If you're familiar with the series, there is more to come for these two. If you enjoy this story, I encourage you to read more by Armstrong. The Otherworld series is particularly good.

"Dead Man Dating" by Lori Handeland—Kit Morelli is a plain jane, bored literary agent with a hot date. What she doesn't realize is that her date is dead (oh boy). Just as he makes his move, enter Chavez, a demon hunter. Sparks fly but are they flying for both of them? Read this to find out. This was my first exposure to this author and I'll be looking for more from her.

The stories in this anthology are enjoyable. It's a great way to become familiar with new authors, or revisit your favorites. These stories are a great intro into what each is capable of—and if you like any of the authors, you can find other books they've written. Highly recommended!!
couldn't put it down!
From the first page, Frostbitten offers much in the way of action and passion. The spotlight is back on Elena Michaels, the only female werewolf in the Otherworld. This book is based in Alaska and Clay and Elena are tracking down a mutt for their pack leader, Jeremy. Elena's plate is already pretty full being a mother of twins, wife, and pack spokes-wolf. We spend a lot of time in her mind as she considers her life, past, present and future. I enjoyed Elena's thoughts and how she comes to terms with what she is willing to do to protect those she loves. This is another one of Kelley Armstrong's page turners. You will not be able to put it down.