Reviews by Dragonessa
Informative, But Biased
Being someone who does in fact admire Seaworld for its practices in regards to rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife - I still like to see what the other side of the captivity debate says. This book has tons of information on behind-the-scenes practices at Seaworld and how they acquired their performing orcas, at least the ones that were wild caught back in the days when that was still acceptable. The novel also goes over the death of Dawn Brancheau at the fins of Tilikum - SeaWorld Orlando's largest killer whale.

In reading this book I felt right off the bat the air of bias in regards to the debate. The author is well known for supporting anti-captivity as are the others whose quotes appear in the books. A lot of the information in the book is factual, but there is also a lot of anthropomorphizing going on in regards to their descriptions of the orca shows and such, and even when describing the wild orcas they inject a lot of emotion that is really un-needed.

The good thing about this book is that it does reveal some of the dark side that SeaWorld used to have back in the day. The bad side is that it absolutely reeks of the anti-captivity agenda. I would have enjoyed this book more had it showed both sides of the debate rather than oozed an agenda from every page.
They Aren't Just Myths...
This has to be one of the most beautiful movies that Dreamworks has come out with since How To Train Your Dragon. The animation is flawless and the story is great for children and adults alike. This film has action, humor and plenty of heart. The characters are great and the actors who give them their voices do a marvelous job. My particular favorite characters are Jack Frost and Pitch Black (played by Chris Pine and Jude Law respectively). Great film all around and I hope a sequel comes to light!
Make A Wish... If You Dare
All wishes come with a price. In the case of the Puella Magi, it is an unending contract - bound to fight Witches for eternity and if they ever fall into despair, to become Witches themselves. This series may look cute on the outside but be prepared to have your heart torn out. The series is really quite a fun ride and I love the interesting take on the magical girl genre, essentially deconstructing it.This manga is not for children, there is violence in this first volume and in later volumes it escalates. I do recommend it for older teens and adults who want a different manga to read. The anime is even better though!
An Underrated Gem!
This may not be the best animated film, but it certainly holds a special spot in my heart. I loved the look of this film and enjoyed the fact that all of the characters had unique designs. Speaking of characters, all of them were memorable and Fender (voiced by Robin Williams) completely stole the show as every word out of his mechanical mouth had me laughing. The other actors involved did a wonderful job as well. This movie is often overlooked but I recommend it as one not to be missed by anyone looking for a fun and entertaining animated feature.
Fright Night...For Real!
Fright Night is an incredibly fun movie. I had some reservations going into it but once I started watching I was hooked. The characters are incredibly fun and easy to relate to, the story has the perfect blend of horror and comedy and of course - the vampires are just as creepy and awesome as you'd expect, and who wouldn't want to see Colin Farrell as a vampire? I really truly loved David Tennant as the vampire hunter Peter Vincent - he stole every scene he was in and seemed to be having a ton of fun on this film (I'm also a devout Whovian so there might be a little bias here...). The effects in this film are also top-notch and the blood is prominent without being too over the top. I think my favorite aspect of the film was the vampires themselves, especially Colin Ferrell. He did a great job as Jerry (what kind of name is that for a vampire!?) and ooozed creepiness.

All in all this was a great movie and one I would thoroughly recommend for a horror-movie night or any time really. Just don't invite any vampires into your house.