Reviews by aschling
Cute book
This is a cute book for young children about the many ways of transportation a grandma could use to see her grandchild. From skiing to using a hot air balloon this adventurous grandma is determined to see her grandchild. With colorful illustrations, a child may enjoy this book in anticipation of a visiting grandparent.
Good story
This book follows Jay Kopelman's first book From Baghdad with love. From Baghdad with love is about when Lava the dog is first discovered and the risks that were taken to make sure Lava made if safely back to the United States. From Baghdad to America follows Lava and Jay in their new civilian life together. They learn a lot from each other, and I learned about what struggles Marines deal with when returning home. Lava also has trouble adjusting to his new life. He has a lot of encouraging words for vets struggling with living a civilian life after returning from war. The book also contains letters he has received from other war veterans, thanking him for the first book and sharing similar experiences they had with animals they befriended.

I enjoyed reading about their new life and discoveries and would recommend this book. If war stories and swearing bother you, you may want to think twice.
Angels and Demons is the first book I have read by Dan Brown. I have been meaning to read his books for years now and I'm so glad I finally started. This book was hard not to read once I started. It takes you on an adventure through Vatican City and Rome. Having been there, I found it especially exciting when landmarks or artwork I have seen were mentioned. From the begining of the book when Robert Langdon gets a mysterious phone call the book is exciting and never gets dull. It seemed that towards the end, when you think you have one of the characters figured out things would change. This happened often enough to keep you engaged and to keep it exciting but it never got confusing or annoying. I thought it was a great book and am looking forward to reading more Dan Brown.
I am Legend
After seeing and enjoying the movie "I am Legend" starring Will Smith, I decided I had to read the book. The only thing I had heard about the book was that the movie was very different from the book. The book was enjoyable, and, like I had heard, very different from the movie. I just wish there was more to it. More details, more adventures, more of everything. Then I realized this was a short novel. I am not going to discuss the differences here because it will ruin parts of the book. One of the main differences that won't ruin anything is the occupation of Robert Neville. Because he is a scientist in the movie and and not in the book the way he goes about doing things is different. I feel like this had an affect on the way he dealt with things and discovered things. There were elements of both the book and the movie that I liked but I liked the story of the movie better in the end. This could be because I am from a different generation and could relate to the movie Robert Neville better than the book Robert Neville, or maybe just because I saw the movie so many times before I read the book. Either way, the book was good and worth reading to compare the two and see where it started!

I have not yet seen "The Last Man On Earth" or "The Omega Man", two other film adaptations of Richard Matheson's book.
Great Ending
I really enjoyed this book. When I was almost at the end, I started wondering if I had just wasted all my time reading the series. Wow am I glad I kept going. I would not change a thing about the end. Everything ties together perfectly in my opinion. I won't give any more clues because I don't want to ruin it for anyone else. This book is a little different from the rest because they are not going to school, but it is full of excitement. Now that I know the story behind the characters and what happened, I feel like I should re-read the whole series!